Lion Italy 02 - 2021

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Extract from Lion Magazine 02/2021 page 41 about ALC projects:
Major projects for 2021 in a European key (see below)



Major projects for 2021 in a European key

From the prestigious restoration of the Lazzaretti (hospitals) in Venice, to supporting research to combat the coronavirus, to climate change grants and service to the elderly. ALC is now expanding from France to Croatia. By Tarcisio Caltran

ALC continues to grow both quantitatively and qualitatively, helping to keep the Lions of the Alpine Region together and to overcome the differences that can be felt in a difficult time like the present. There is a need for unity, sharing and valorisation of human, cultural and environmental resources and skills to define an action programme =service that meets the needs of the region. A concrete and direct way to overcome schemes and act among the people, and to impose authentic, European spirit.

At present, ALC can count on some 23,500 members belonging to 711 Lions clubs in ten districts and four nations. However, after the admission of 108-Ia1 (Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta), others are deepening the possibility of joining, in particular France (District 103-CS Central-Southern France is very interested) and Croatia, which would widen an already broad territorial context and complete the entire Alpine Arc. However, the pandemic emergency has meant that some already programmed meetings in Aosta and Rovigo have had to be postponed.

To the numerous achievements of the past, other very significant ones have been added, waiting to be realised. In January 2020, an LCIF-funded "disaster preparedness" course for students was activated in Rovigo; three more will follow, Covid permitting. Of great importance is the project to restore the Lazzaretti (Old and New, in the photos) in Venice, coordinated by Ta3's LC Venezia Host and Alert team, to which ALC has contributed €20,000. The inauguration could coincide with an international conference on the importance of Lions cooperation at European level.

A contribution of €21,000 to support a research project to combat coronavirus at the Sacro Cuore Hospital in Negrar (Verona) was proposed by Ta1.

The Activity for two scholarships on climate change, which has caused so much damage to alpine forests in recent years, has got off to a good start; 14,000 euros were allocated to Ta2 for the first scholarship, and District 114M / Austria-Central is waiting to be allocated for the second. For Bavaria South, a contribution of 20,000 euros was approved for a horse therapy project for elderly people. A guide dog will soon be delivered to Western Austria.

Intensive work in which the entire ALC Board is involved.