2017/2018, D 108 Ib 1

The project of LC Sondrio Mansegra of District 108Ib1 involves the purchase of three guide dogs from the Limbiate training centre (Milan). The guide dogs are to be distributed among the ALC districts at the discretion of the Board after their training (in German). The project is ALC comprehensive, the fight against vision problems a central theme in the 100th anniversary celebration of LCI. The costs per dog amount to 12.500,00 €. The handing over of the dogs and the payment of the costs will be made accordingly later after the training of the animals has been completed.

The first guide dog will be handed over during the International Convention in Milan. The costs amount to 15.000 €. Two more dogs will be trained over the next 2 years at a cost of 12.000 € and will then be awarded. All the dogs will be trained in German, and the handover ceremony could include a demonstration with the participation of the training school

Organise Limbiate. Dogs raised in Limbiate that are not suitable as guide dogs can be trained as dogs for diabetics. They are able to detect elevated blood sugar levels from the smell of human skin and can help to

notify . The cost of this training is not yet known, but probably less than the cost of training a guide dog.