Dear Lions,

After intensive and close cooperation between our Italian, Austrian, Swiss and German member districts, we have created the basis of our Association ALPINE LIONS COOPERATION - ALC with the founding act in Brixen on November 11, 2012. Special thanks to the creators of this international collaboration between LIONS of the Alpine Arc:

PDG Albert Ortner, PCC Luciano Aldo Ferrari, PDG Harald Heise, PDG Marco Gibin, IPDG Marco Lucchini, PCC Helmuth Marhauer, PCC Ferry Hacker, PDG Klaus Letzgus.

Following the example of the associations "North Sea Lions" and "Baltic Sea Lions", we have following goals and objectives, especially in the regions located in the Alpine Arc:

  • Establishment of a common platform to promote and develop a Regional European LIONS Union for joint social and humanitarian projects.

  • - exchange of information and experience on services and related activities

  • - promotion and development of contacts and relations between ALC member Districts and their representied Clubs

We are and will be open for every LIONS District located on the Alpine Arc or directly adjacent region that would like to participate in ALC. For membership to the ALC it will be necessary to accept at least two thirds of the actual member Districts.

We wish to inform Lions of our member districts about this website:

  • our actual constitution and ststutes

  • our member Districts, their geographical location, the number of Clubs and their social structures

  • composition of the Board and its tasks

  • presentation of Club-projects and related Board decisions

  • economic development of ALC

  • actual initiatives and new ideas from Member Clubs, as well as

possibilities of promoting mutual relations between our member Districts and related Clubs.

Official languages of ALC are Italian and German, so this website is written in these two languages. Of course. English as the official language of LCI can also be used, in order to enable communication.

Lions greetings

Robert Gareißen

IPDG 111 BS and President ALC 2012/13

Group photo after successful foundation ceremony in Brixen on 12.11.2012