D 129 Slovenia Project Report

Early interevention of small (0-6years) visual impairment children

Project Report

Final report (April 2021)


Project applied in the april 2017 adress the problem of early interevention of visualy impaired children and multydisabled children with visualy impairment from 0 to 6 years old In Slovenia. At the time of application was noticed that no systematic support of early intervention for them and their families. The children are provided only with medical treatment (therapy), however, they cannot get acess to rehabiliation and education, spatially in the cases, when they are nod involved in pre-school kindergarden system. There is no treatment (intervention) of the family and children as a whole.

Final project activities

Even in this last project period, We are still faced with situation connected with COVID-19 epidemc. Therefore, all activities was planned and executed in extreme caution in order to protect all vulnerable groups of participants. One of the most important project activities: Reconstruction of unused premises on the Institute IRIS was finished during the summer period. Finishing of reconstruction was milestone and trigger for last part of ALC project: purchase of furniture/equipement for reconstructed premises.

All equipment planned for finishing the reconstruction was purchased, and placed into the function: kitchen, living room and resting room.

The project worth 24,000 euros has been successfully completed. We thank the ALC members for their support in this humanitarian project. Connected we can do more!