ALC Board Meeting in Jesolo, May 2022

New times of Lions' Cooperation: opposing the threat of Corona

In times threatened by the virus, "moving together" does not help. but only "moving apart"! - For Lions: "Looking beyond the borders".
Right now, virtual connections to our neighbours help for joint action, for planning new common life and to find common ideas with neighbour clubs in the Alpine countries.
For this very purpose, all clubs in districts 114W and 114M are currently invited to view the ALC's 5-language homepages and exchange ideas.
Alpine Lions Cooperation with the Edelweiss pin is providing ready-made chat areas and virtual conference rooms: For messaging to each other, for voice and video conferencing and for exchanging ideas for sponsored projects.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  • determination and decision in details over the composition of actual Board

  • decision over actually running projects in times of Corona Virus

  • presentation and decision over coming Projects and Youth Camps

  • upcoming proposals and guests


European Lions Virtual Symposium; October 3, 2020