2017/2018, D 114-W

ALC Project 2017/18 to be held in D 114W /Austria - Region 4 Vorarlberg International Summer Music Camp - Integration by Music!

The camp serves to promote music and at the same time integration through music. The aim is to provide every child, native children and children with a migration background from Vorarlberg and neighbouring Eastern Switzerland, with a motivating method for EVERY child to take part in a free, high-quality musical training course. The positive energy of music, even across borders, and the experience of making music together strengthens the participants in their personality and thus their chances in tomorrow's society. The positive energy of music should be anchored in broad sections of the population. During the summer holidays there is always a very big, too big break for many children. Especially children of migrants often lose touch, are isolated and lonely in their free time.


That is why it is very important to us to be able to offer a summer music camp. Playing music together for a week and spending the rest of the day together for a week strengthens the cohesion among each other and moves a lot in terms of integration. A joint performance after the summer camp in front of parents and friends also strengthens the integration of the parents, they feel that they belong.

ALC Project features

Music camp for children from Vorarlberg and neighbouring Switzerland. Locals, children with a migration background and refugees experience a week together in the summer of 2018 in Vorarlberg.


The children's personalities are strengthened through the effects of music, singing together and spending leisure time together. They experience music as a connecting element between people with different origins and languages. With our help, we can help children to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and STRENGTHEN themselves through music.

Costs for about 40 participants:

Arrival and departure: 800 € Board and lodging: 7000 € Various admissions to the leisure programme: 1800 € Trainers: 4000 € (Qualified music teachers) Supervisors: 3000 € Coordination: LC Präs. Dir. Daniela Fessler, PGRV Karl Grabuschnigg Total costs: 16 600 € Financing: by ALC