Earthquake 2020

In the last days of 2020 Croatia was hit by a series of violent earthquakes near the capital of Zagreb. Immediately after the end of the earthquake, many Lions were on the scene, helping and collecting donations to relieve the need. Here is the report from Lion Dražen Melčič on 23.2.2021; he coordinated aid and donations from Lions Districts, including ALC Districts:

Our LIONS friends in Croatia are preparing an intervention plan for the reconstruction of social buildings. Italian LIONS: LET'S HELP THEM !

For contribution in Italy, please send money to our Ta1 District Foundation using

IBAN IT96 R050 3411 7100 0000 0003 496 (specifying earthquake Croatia)

After January 15th, the received donations will be sent to District 126 (Croatia) which will use them for purchases in the suffering area. We shall keep you informed!

The Governors of Districts 108 Ta1 - Ta2 - Ta3

Yes, indeed, the response of the European Lions to our appeal for help was beyond all expectations. Up to date we have received close to 300.000€ donations from Lions from 18 countries and additionally Croatian Lions donated altogether 85.000€, meaning, so far 385.000€ could be raised.
Among the donating countries the most funds we have got from Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, but also from Italy and Germany – all members of the ALC. Also, we have got single donations from Slovenia (3 clubs from Celje/SLovenia donated alone one mobile house, a club from Austria and a club from Slovenia each separately donated warm clothes…)

Certainly, all additional donations would be very important and useful.

The activity of the Croatian Lions started already on the very afternoon/evening of the same the heavy earthquake struck.

Like many Croatians, also most of the Croatian Lions spontaneously and organized started to collect and deliver to the area most necessary goods like water, food, hygiene items, blankets, clothes. In parallel we have applied and have got the emergency grant from LCIF of 10.000$

A day or two after the earthquake, in several teams we went to visit the area, to see what was most needed next. We found a lot of people practically living on the street or in the cars as their houses were destroyed or damaged so that it was not safe to stay in them (every once in a while relatively strong after-quakes occurred) – see attached photos.

So we concluded that the most urgent thing was to put as much people and as quick as possible into safe, warm and dry housings.

With funds raised we were able to provide 27 mobile houses for families in need, whereby the criteria was to help families with children and also grandparents.

The mobile houses are all fully equipped and with furniture, bath, toilette, kitchen, heating and all necessary connections (power, gas, plumbing…).

We also have financed a mini bus for the county sight impaired association, as the old one was damaged during the earthquake. Still there are some 115.000€ remained, which we will partly use to equip and connect the donated mobile houses and for restoring chimneys in 15 homes, so the people can have the heating and warm water again. We also know that several Multi Districts, Districts and Clubs, not only from Europe, had donated to LCIF upon the emergency appeal for Croatia issued by our Foundation.

We still don’t have the exact amount, but LCIF officers informed us that we can count on 50.000-100.000$.

With these and the remaining funds (ca. 200.000€) we intend to equip a local school (450 pupils) with furniture and diverse equipment, which was destroyed in the earthquake and which will be rebuilt by Hungarian state donation.

First Aid Convoys have arrived in Croatia, Lions District 114M, Governor Willi Himmel has performed support from Graz

MD 114 has sent money to Lion Drazen Melcic of D126 Croatia, in charge for help and District Coordination. A total of ca. 70k€ has been transmitted so far